About Us

Hollow Core, Concrete Planks Specialists

Since October 2000, builders have been benefiting from the precast, hollow core concrete manufactured by SAY-CORE, Inc. in Portage, PA. From its 24,000 square-foot plants and applying a state-of-the-art extrusion process, the company fabricates precast/prestressed hollow core concrete floor and roof planks to general contractors' specifications commercial projects.

SAY-CORE’s product is popular with builders because it offers an alternative that is soundproof, fireproof and low maintenance. The custom-designed sections also meet insulation and energy conservation requirements. Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) certified plant technicians utilize an extruder to form and make each plank around prestressed tension reinforcement wire, ultimately producing a precast slab of the highest quality.

Taking advantage of the most economical and efficient production for clients, SAY-CORE slabs can easily be fabricated before site construction starts, and installation can begin when the foundation and framing are prepared.

Weather is not an obstacle, as slabs can be installed regardless of conditions. Installed floors require no curing or temporary decking, so a safe and smooth working deck is immediately available to allow other trades to work without delay.

By providing contractors and architects with detailed shop drawings, SAY-CORE can show the framing plans, plank size, reinforcing, openings, and all sections and details necessary for the proper installation of a deck. The underside of a Say-Core plank has a smooth, steel form finish suitable without further treatment for textured paint application or acoustic plaster. President, Barry Saylor, says, "We offer a turn-key operation. Not only can we transport the planks, but we also have an erection crew that installs the planks directly from our truck. Saylor speaks optimistically about the future. "With the current growth rate of the company, expansion plans are being discussed."